Monday, July 28, 2008

Bloodsuckers Special Edition 3: Comicon, EW Spoiler, and Quotes

Download episode here.

The Girls Necks Door have a short discussion about the extended ballet scene, the Breaking Dawn "Spoiler" on, and the two new Breaking Dawn Quotes. If you'd like to contact the show, you can e-mail us at or leave a comment on our blog at You can also be our friend on myspace at and join our facebook group. Don't forget to vote for us at and review us on iTunes.


Gloria said...

Hey bloodsuckers you guys are amazing and i am n love with your podcast and EDWAED CULLEN, OMG!!!!!!! Keep up the terrific work and I know you guys will become the best twilight podcast on itunes cause you guys rock!! I love you all and Twilight which is the best, ahh i love twilight!!!
Love your#1fan, Taylor

The Girls Necks Door said...

Thanks, Taylor! You're so sweet =).

Gloria said...

thx you girls next door i loves the 18th episode i just realy agreed with those opinions you said!
Taylor was here