Saturday, July 12, 2008

Bloodsuckers Episode 15: Happy Birthday Corn Dog

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In the 15th episode of Bloodsuckers, The Girls Necks Door read some listener e-mails and also spaz a bit about A-Ray’s birthday. Send her some Happy Birthday e-mails! We discuss some news, including Stephenie’s plea to prevent online spoiling and the feature of the Twilight movie in the upcoming Entertainment Weekly. The subject of the character profile segment was Esme Cullen. We discuss this week’s scene of the week which was Bella’s first day of school from Twilight. We swoon, as usual, about Edward’s Nauseatingly Adorable Quote Of The Week, "Bring on the shackles, I’m now your prisoner". We laugh at Gayle’s Cheesy Vampire Joke of the Week. We discuss Mike Newton and Janae’s vampowers on our newest segment suggested by Belmo. We discuss Stuttering by Ben’s Brother, for our Song Of The Week. (Yes, it’s the song from the Dentyne Ice commercial) We make quite a few special announcements, including that t-shirts are for sale and to keep voting for us on Podcast Alley. Stay tuned at the end of the episode for a special blooper reel. Go to to check out our t-shirts and help support the show. Remember, if you’d like to contact the show, you can e-mail us at or comment on our blog at You can also be our friend on Myspace at or join our Facebook group. Please remember to review us on iTunes!

Alex made us baked goods. We love her.

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