Saturday, August 2, 2008

Bloodsuckers Episode 18: Breaking Dawn and Making Pizza

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The Girls Necks Door discuss the newly released book, Breaking Dawn, as we read it. This is a collection of thoughts and summeries of the new novel, unedited. *SPOILER ALERT* *SPOILER ALERT* *SPOILER ALERT* THIS CONTAINS SUMMARIES OF THE NEW BOOK, DO NOT LISTEN IF YOU HAVEN'T FINISHED BREAKING DAWN. To contact us go to or email us at Vote for us on and review us on iTunes.


Anonymous said...

OMGOSH!! I think it was Gayle who was talking about "Making Pizza" that was soooo funny!! I was sitting on my bed, cracking up!! I couldn't breathe!! lol

Anonymous said...

I disliked this book so much!! I was so disappointed in Steph... it was so unlike the other three! I wonder, did Steph really write this, I have read fan fics that were better! The whole book was just so boring and the writing was just not good, and dont let me get started on the pregnancy thing... The reason I loved the first three books so much was because they were so believable, it made it feel like vampires really could exist, this book took reality and threw it out the window. Maybe if I read it again in a few months I will appreciated it more. Let's all hope for the best!

band*aid said...

this is the first episode i've listened to and, even though i somewhat agree re: the ending of BD, i loved this podcast :)

y'all were hilarious @ the end of book 1. and the coffee beans? comic gold. which made the depressed comments @ the end even sadder.

anyway! thanks for recording this! i'll definitely dl the next show.

Anonymous said...

Grr i am so fed up with BD!! I just want some Edward and Bella!! Why bring in Renesmee?? Ugh, that was soooo random. Why did steph do this to us? Jacob is the good guy and Edward is phsyco? BD is so different from the rest, like
A-Ray said. Grr.

Anonymous said...

I really like the way that y'all had the show set up. I loved the show period. It was soooooo funny. But like I said in an e-mail. I totally agree with y'all about Breaking Dawn. Can't wait for the next show!

beverley said...
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beverley said...

Seriously, what's up with all this BD hating?

Honestly, I loved Breaking Dawn. I read the book like a critic, and came back a fan. You can't expect the book to be predictable. You can't expect it to be: Bella and Edward get married. Bella is a vampire. Volturi show up. Some random person dies. happy ever after.

It wasn't going to work that way, and it never will. It was completely unpredictable (for a moment there I considered Bella's death) and I thought it was written well.

I stand by breaking dawn.


because the characters behaved exactly appropriate for given their circumstances.

Jacob would have flipped if he heard that Edward and Bella were.. erm.. making pizza on their honeymoon. He held in all the other stuff because it was bearable for him. This wasn't.
Seth and Leah would have joined the 'misfit' pack no matter what.
Alice and Jasper would have left if they knew they were in grave danger from the Volturi.
Alice couldn't "see" very far ahead in Bella's future when she had the baby because the baby was "un-seeable" and their futures were linked so close together. (makes sense)
Jacob would have finally stood up to the pack as his last show of love for Bella.
Bella would have wanted to keep Nessie.
Edward would have wanted 'the creature' the heck out of her (he loves Bella too much to watch her waste away)
Carlisle would have compassion for Bella and trusted her wishes.

and, as said before, Charlie doesn't like too much details.

For the 'making pizza' bits, thats a VERY hard line to cross. She had to do it tastefully yet passionately, and SM did a perfect job of that.

Another thing, Edward and Bella not being in the book enough..
why would they have to?
they have forever together, we don't need to "watch" them every moment "ooh-ing" and "aah-ing" over each other like the other books, she's a vampire now!

ALSO, the whole 'shape-shifters' thing, how is that a surprise? we've known that since the spirit wolves story in Eclipse!

That's my rant. They behaved exactly right for the situation.
I loved the book, and I can't WAIT to re-read it.

BTW, I realized some people say they are die-hard fans, but hated the book. How? because it was a new situation they were in? because the 'characters' were out of place (eye-roll). I don't get it. Were you only fans because Edward and Bella were head over heels in love?

OME! I can't believe I wrote something so long like that! its a record!

eldermahe said...

I LOVED BREAKING DAWN ! I'm so pissed at how the so called Twilight fans have shit all over Stephenies face at least just say the book isn't for me maybe OTHERS MIGHT ACTUALLY LOVE IT !!!


and Bloodsuckers I love your podcast and think Coldplay-Scientist would be a great song for Twilight !

eldermahe said...

Oh yea I am a new listener and think you guys are funny BUT WE HAVE TO SUPPORT THIS SERIES !

Eva said...

Hi, just heard this episode and I just love the way you all ranted about the book!! I felt the same way you felt when reading the book.... I almost throw it away when Bella got pregnant and when Jacob imprinted on Nessie... by the end of the book I finally understood why Stephenie wrote the way she did... but I felt mad and disappointed at some points, but now thinking about the book... it is good, not my favorite, but it is readable, interesting and with lots of twists to the series... luv you guys, you rock!!!