Friday, October 17, 2008


Summer School in Forks featuring Bloodsuckers

Twilight Guy BBQ, Bloodsuckers, and Letterman Jackets

Kaleb Nation--everyone's favorite Twilight guy--will be delivering a Keynote Address at a special luncheon during Summer School in Forks. Convention attendees will be able to purchase tickets for this barbecue luncheon during registration. Seating is limited.

SSIF is also proud to announce that The Bloodsuckers, aka The Girls Necks Door, will be presenting a live podcast from Forks High School during the convention. Attendance and participation is included in convention registration.

Everyone needs a jacket in Forks! Now attendees of SSIF will be able to order their very own, individualized, personalized FORKS HIGH SCHOOL LETTERMAN JACKETS. The official vendor to the school will be available to take your measurements and help you accessorize your jacket with specially selected Twilight-themed patches and lettering. Show your Twilight school spirit! And if you order during our convention, you will receive a special 10% discount offered only during SSIF.


cullen4ever1901 said...

O cool!! Thats awesome!! =]

r maddi and christina still in Canada??


cullen4ever1901 said...

oh i guess they aren't cuz im talking to Maddi right



ROXYlife292 said...

Bloooosuckkers!! Where are you? We haven't heard from you in forever. Did you like the movie? I loved it =D Can you guys please respond to something so we know you are not all dead =]

cullen4ever1901 said...

Did you guys like the movie?! I loved it; it was amazing!! Aren't Maddi and Gayle at that thing in DC or something for debate? BTW, where are you guys? I miss you all so much...the podcast is so funny, and I really miss hearing you guys drop some knowledge =]


Jacy said...

should we be waiting around for another episode? or r u guys done with the podcast?

Eileen said...

That's pretty awesomeful! Would you guys pleeeeeaase get a new episode out soon? I'm waiting very patiently. <3

Jacy said...

where are the bloodsucker girls?????

helllooooo out there?? can anyone here meeeee?????

katiestevenhere said...

How are ya'll supposed to do a podcast at that summer school thing at froks if you don't have a podcast anymore?

Jacy said...

should we be waiting around for a podcast? or is there nothing to wait around for?

Vallerie said...

okay i am, like, really mad.


CassidyyyM said...

Apparently they recorded a couple days ago =D so hopefully it will be up soon!

Vallerie said...


How did you find that out? about bloodsuckers, I mean.


Kate said...

lol u guys r hilarious! tell maddi and christina to have fun in Canadia! ~Kate the Shocker