Thursday, February 26, 2009

Picspam please!?!

Hey Guys, it's Gayle
I was thinking, everyone should send us pictures they made on either photoshop, microsoft paint, or whatever they use. It can involve pictures from the movies, books, pictures of us, or just a picture you drew. Send them all in to I'll post them all here, and potentially use them for t-shirt/album art. I'll post the ones from the last episode to give you guys inspiration.

Erin made us these =)

Meghan sent us this =)

This is from Jenna!

Laura sent these in. Wouldn't it make good album art?

Lindsey sent us these. You'll find a version of the neck-tarine one on our cafepress site as a tshirt soon!:

Justine sent us this:

Kristen made this background!

Cassandra sent in this juicy photo of our favourite tracker =)

Kylie made us this picture of Robert and Kristen:

This is from Lydia:

And Paulina sent us this!:

Jez drew these and included an intensely hot picture of our favourite cullen =)

Lara sent us in this picture that she made:

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Twilightlover84 said...

Thanks for using my four pics. Sorry there was so many! =) Love the podcast.


BTW I voted for you Gayle.